What we do

Special purpose web application development

You run a business which needs a web application to support its processes. You already have an application for it, but it just doesn’t fit because your business is complex and requires some business knowledge for deeper understanding. We come in, our experts analyse your business and your processes and develop your application with you in small incremental steps so you can see the benefits and detect misunderstandings as early as possible.

Game development

Everyone loves games, but not everyone knows how to make them. We’ve decided to try so we’ve learned how to use Unity and made a couple of  mobile games.

Own product development

With our background in payment service industry we had to try and make something innovative in that sector. The result is FIQ (Financial IQ) – service/application for managing personal finances that everyone can use even if he/she doesn’t have a degree in economics. The service has been deployed as a prototype and tested for initial feedback and is now being adapted for commercial use through a EU funded project.