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Gaurus is a software company specialised for development of innovative mobile applications and fin-tech services and for development of information systems for customs administrations (ITMS).

From its very beginning company’s foundation remains the experience and competence of its employees. Although we’re still a young company extensive experience of our employees obtained through their work on many software projects during the past 20 years in various business environments gives us strong confidence in different areas of software engineering.

Based on this confidence we strive to expand our business through development of our own innovative products and quality of the software we produce.

Fin-tech innovations

With our long experience in software development for financial industry we had to try and make something innovative in this otherwise inert business sector.
The result is F-IQ (Financial IQ) – mobile application for personal finance management which anyone can use even without a degree in economic science. Application based on PSD2 interface / protocol is developed with EU funded project which helped commercialising it and is now available for both Android and iOS platform.

Developing F-IQ application we have delved into data mining and machine learning field so a significant part of the F-IQ application are our own models for transaction categorisation and algorithms for prediction of user’s future financial behaviour which we are continuously trying to improve.

During development of F-IQ application we have obtained a Account Information Service Provider (AISP) licence and thus become one of pioneers of this service in Croatia.

Based on this project we’re extending our fin-tech portfolio by development of new products and services with aim to provide AISP service for corporate sector. It is our aim to use our integration platform to provide secure and flexible integration of company’s business software / applications with otherwise closed bank systems. Using this platform any internal process of the company which relies on processing company’s bank transactions will immediately become cheaper, simpler and more efficient thus making the company itself more competent and agile.

Integrated Tariff Management Systems (ITMS)

Our experts have large experience in design and development of ITMS system in Croatia starting from late 2000s through participation in EU financed projects for pre-accession. Ever since Croatia joined the EU up to nowadays our experts have been actively engaged in all projects dealing with maintenance and upgrade of ITMS system in Croatian Customs Administration.

Through several big projects we have obtained vast knowledge of EU customs business regulations and practices necessary for development of any system related EU customs tariff and today we can proudly claim to be one of leading experts in in tariff management systems in our region. Our competencies include detailed knowledge of Taric data model necessary for understanding of integration of tariff measures and duty calculations as well as knowledge about supporting business processes regarding management of quotas, surveillance and binding tariff information.

We partnered with large IT companies Combis d.o.o. and APIS IT d.o.o. for development and maintenance of ITMS system in Croatia whereas in the region we are present in Macedonia through partnership with Asseco SEE dooel. We hope we can put our competencies into good use for development or upgrade of ITMS systems in other countries in the region which are on their way to join the EU.


Who are we?

We are a small agile company with a mission to develop custom software which is challenging enough to prevent us from boredom and at the same time technologically advanced, so we don’t feel lost in the past while doing it. Of course, we are a business so with above said we must ensure that our endeavour is commercially viable and provides us with steady income which will enable us to grow in both technological and commercial sense.
If your project or product fits into categories mentioned above and you seek a trustworthy software development partner, feel free to contact us. We guarantee quality deliverables at a reasonable price and we are always open to discuss the IPR 😊

Technologies we like and use

Java SE – our choice for transaction processing systems / services
Java EE (Primefaces) – our choice for Java business applications
PostgreSQL – transaction processing systems or web applications in our systems PostgreSQL is the default choice
Python – industry standard for machine learning and data mining which we happily accept
Flutter – our choice for cross-platform mobile application development


EU founded projects

Basic Project information

Inovations newly founded MSP's - phase II
Inovations improvement of mid and small companies
Project title:
"Adaptation and commercialisation of F-IQ software solution"
Project code:
Gaurus d.o.o., Jablanovac 27, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Total project budget:
1.915.836,68 HRK
Total project budget (acceptable cost):
1.747.818,92 HRK
Amount of EU financing:
1.398.080,34 HRK
Project duration:
01.09.2019 – 01.07.2021
Contact for more Information:


Executive Summary

Project for adaptation and commercialisation of innovative solution F-Q will result with setup of F-IQ solution in its full functionality and it’s commercial application in shape of mobile application F-IQ and “white label” application both of which will present a collection of advanced functions, modules and algorithms for personal finance management. Commercial application will be based around the detailed market research and development of high quality marketing strategy for the target markets. All of the above will have positive effect on business development and market position of the project beneficiary within the fintech industry resulting with revenue and sales growth on both domestic and foreign market as well as with creation of new jobs.
Software solution will be commercialised via 2 separate products:
1. "white label" application intended for banks and other financial institutions (B2B market),
2. F-IQ application with advanced functionalities intended for personal use (B2C market).

Project Goals and Expected Results

The main goal is to establish the F-IQ service in its full functionality and commercialize the service, firstly in the regional and then the global market. Successful realization of this goal will ensure a stable source of income for the company, which will ensure the natural growth of business, job creation and continued work on other aspects of the project.
Secondary goals are: establishing good business relations with banks and other financial institutions and opening the door for future projects, gathering a large base of individual users to whom it will be possible to offer other types of services in the future, raising awareness in individuals about the need for sound personal finance management and, consequently, raising financial responsibility in society.

Project goal is to produce a cloud software solution which will enable users to monitor, track plan and analyse their own financial state. The solution will automatically manage all of the user’s financial data regardless of the data source. Users will be able to track the data as a whole or as separate accounts and even include their partner’s or children’s accounts with which they share their household budget.

The F-IQ adaptation and commercialisation project will result with innovation on the local, regional and international market and in long term in the global market. Functionality of the product will be extended through the project which will create preconditions for successful commercial application of the product. As such the project directly contributes and is in line with the investment priority 3d “Support for building the capacity of small and medium entrepreneurs for inclusion in the growth process on regional, national and international markets and in innovation processes” and with the specific goal 3d2 “Improvement of innovation in small and medium entrepreneurs”. Specifically the project will directly contribute to achievement of indicators through the following:
• Creation of new jobs – minimum 2 new full-time employees by year 2022,
• Increased number of new products and services on the market (more innovative products/services)
• Use of private capital as addition to EU funds (ratio of private investment on the project exceeds 20% of the project budget)
• Increased revenue from sales as consequence of project activities for launching and commercialising the new products as result of the project (coefficient relative to the requested funding larger than 1)
• Increased revenue from export as consequence of project activities for launching and commercialising the new products as result of the project (increase in revenue from export at least 620.000 HRK)


→ www.strukturnifondovi.hr
→ https://strukturnifondovi.hr/eu-fondovi/esi-fondovi-2014-2020/op-konkurentnost-i-kohezija/

We Can
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Our experts analyse your business and your processes and develop your application with you in small incremental steps so you can see the benefits and detect misunderstandings as early as possible.


Gaurus d.o.o.

Headquaters: Jablanovac 27, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Office: Koturaška cesta 69, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

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